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Bill McMullen

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Bill McMullen

Where popular culture and urban street art meet is where you will find Bill McMullen, a New York design talent who got his start putting together club and show flyers while he was in school in San Diego, California. Here, at his portfolio, you will find an eclectic mix of mashed-up street art, pop culture, apparel and graphic design. Previously designing hip-hop albums at Def Jam's design subsidiary "The Drawing Board" for three years, Bill more recently has been out on his own pursuing other projects like his SwishNYC label and his own art. McMullen's clients include Beastie Boys, Adidas, Criterion Collection and MTV, as well as his own projects like t-shirts, limited edition jewelry, and the vinyl 'Shuttlemax' toy with KidRobot. Of all the "mash-ups," one of our favorites is the shell-top Adidas/AD-AT from Star Wars. Bill is currently (2007) working for Burton and Adidas.

Clients: Beastie Boys, Adidas, Criterion Collection


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 21, 2007


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