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High-end web design, SEO and e-commerce with award winning results.

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Jung und Pfeffer

contactWhether it be communication design, corporate campaigns, film, book design or stamps, Jung and Pfeffer (a small firm of about 10 people and two offices) is one of the top graphic design firms in Bremen and Amsterdam. This well-awarded agency has talent, smarts and great graphic design work under its belt... as they should, since both of the partners are professors of design (Eckhard Jung - visual design at HfG, Karlsruhe, and Florian Pfeffer - communication design at College of Art, Bremen). They delicately and professionally treat each one of their projects as "treasures", and the output shows a rich and refined graphic and contemporary sensibility that looks to the future at every opportunity. Great work.... More

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Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence  It could never be sufficient in this small space to sum up the cornucopia of invitation design and print work done by Marc Friedland and his recent off-spring; the Creative Intelligence studio. He is literally the King of Invites—a one-of-a-kind, single-minded artist working in the field of invitations, who can boast over 2,000,000 invitations created over 20 years... And we're talking quality AND quantity here. In fact there's a 13 minute video depicting his design history that is actually pretty interesting. Yes, he's a happy fellow, because invitation are his business – and the site exudes that cheery, bright, glitzy, Hollywood feel, with just the right amount of restraint. If you are interested (at all) in print design, event branding and invitations then this is all old news to you... but if you haven't, well then... meet your invitation design royalty.... More

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Creative Intelligence


odopodWhat do you get when creativity and marketing are blended, watered, nurtured and harvested at its prime? At odopod – a strong Flash design and UI innovation studio in the San Francisco area – the product is highly artistic, merging illustration, animation and clean interface design to create a perfect modern mash-up of storytelling and functional usability. Working mostly in Flash, their bread and butter is a slew of work for Nike, creating many of their "yo-factor" sports websites. Hip, current, media and technology savvy—the sky's the limit for this medium-sized firm.... More

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Bill McMullen

Bill McMullenWhere popular culture and urban street art meet is where you will find Bill McMullen, a New York design talent who got his start putting together club and show flyers while he was in school in San Diego, California. Here, at his portfolio, you will find an eclectic mix of mashed-up street art, pop culture, apparel and graphic design. Previously designing hip-hop albums at Def Jam's design subsidiary "The Drawing Board" for three years, Bill more recently has been out on his own pursuing other projects like his SwishNYC label and his own art. McMullen's clients include Beastie Boys, Adidas, Criterion Collection and MTV, as well as his own projects like t-shirts, limited edition jewelry, and the vinyl 'Shuttlemax' toy with KidRobot. Of all the "mash-ups," one of our favorites is the shell-top Adidas/AD-AT from Star Wars. Bill is currently (2007) working for Burton and Adidas.... More

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Bill McMullen


MetaDesignWhen it boils down to the science of branding, design systems and business strategy, there are few that hold a torch up to bright light that is MetaDesign. Stationed in San Francisco, Meta eats, sleeps and breathes clean, pure and practical design systems. From the ground up, or laterally and vertically, MetaDesign helps moves business into the future through top notch branding. Excellent company site (since last time that we looked), with a very minimal, and close-to-the-vest portfolio.... More

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KentLyonsOne of the more impressive sites and portfolios we've seen from a design agency in a while, KentLyons is a specialist in print and identity campaings that demand clean typography and classic, modern graphic interpretations. They are no slouches at interactive web design either, but their style in collateral and print campaigns are definitely their shining beacon. Solid, clean, minimal and exceptional.... More

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Distant Station Ltd.

Distant Station | Scott DevendorfDistant Station is the very hot branding and design portfolio of Scott Devendorf. From clean typographic choices and bold colors, to unique identities and very pleasant web site design, Scott brings the design hammer down with a light touch that parlays into very sophisticated and accessible modern designs. Inspiring... and aspiring work.... More

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Distant Station | Scott Devendorf

Ricardo Landim

Ricardo LandimBrazilian designers have all the fun, it seems! Not only do they live in a vibrant and passionate country, but they get to translate that colorful love into their design projects. Ricardo is no exception... he is the rule. Working across many mini and "hot-sites", games and Flash sites, Mr. Landim creates immersive experience designs that always have a rich, vibrant, conceptual edge. Plus, his portfolio is so completely thorough, you never even need leave to view the actual sites.... More

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Ricardo Landim


GrafikonstructOne of the premiere web design firms and Flash developers in Brazil—Grafikonstruct specializes in the design of Flash-powered sites for the fashion industry and other purveryors of style. These are the guys to go to if you want to engage your audience with sophisticaed graphics and interactive sites... Our only critique was the awkwardness of their site—in the quest to make an uber-Flashy showcase, they lost sight of usability and the power of basic copy. In the end, the work speaks for itself, and until they redesign, the latest projects are one click away on the homepage.... More

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h4che - Jorge CallejaIn the world of online freelance designers Jorge Calleja's portfolio stands tall as tour-de-force in interactive Flash, 3D design and motion graphics. His work for some of the top new media firms like Juxt, Exoplolis and Group W consists of only the cream of the crop projects. Apparently, whatever this proudly Mexican designer/artist gets his hands on, turns into bright, multimedia gold.... More

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h4che - Jorge Calleja

Jonathan Harris

The Work of Jonathan HarrisMerging both classicly informed styles and new conceptual work, Jonathan Harris is a new breed of modern day artist working primarily on the Internet. His creative work involves the study and understanding of humans through the artifacts we leave behind on the Web. Harris has explored these ideas in such projects as 10x10, WordCount, Understanding Vorn, and justcurio.us—while his commercial work centers around strong identity work and branding. Originally from northern Vermont, Harris now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Explore openly, read critically, and 'njoy thoroughly.... More

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The Work of Jonathan Harris

247 Media Studios

24-7 Media Studios247 is creative and technical development studio with a rather atypical structure; they are an open company of talented designers and programmers forming a collective, sharing projects and ideas. This in turn leads them to create work for an eclectic group of clients. This freedom to explore what they like leads to some immersive and powerful results for webdesign, multimedia and crossmedia productions. To sum up in a few words? Their Flash sites totally rock.... More

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24-7 Media Studios

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