May 29, 2023

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Whether it be communication design, corporate campaigns, film, book design or stamps, Jung and Pfeffer (a small firm of about 10 people and two offices) is one of the top graphic design firms in Bremen and Amsterdam. This well-awarded agency has talent, smarts and great graphic design work under its belt... as they should, since both of the partners are professors of design (Eckhard Jung - visual design at HfG, Karlsruhe, and Florian Pfeffer - communication design at College of Art, Bremen). They delicately and professionally treat each one of their projects as "treasures", and the output shows a rich and refined graphic and contemporary sensibility that looks to the future at every opportunity. Great work.

Clients: Phillips, GFFM, MTV Germany


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Apr 3, 2007


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