Jun 01, 2023

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In2mediaIn2media was Denmarks first web agency, starting in 1994, and the experience really shows... The site, which uses dynamic flash with motion graphics to show selected portfolio pieces feels like it took over ten years of experimentation to realize... It's that good! Honestly, the portfolio - which also has a mouse and keyboard friendly navigation - just feels refined and considered to such a degree that you just know their work is going to be top notch. And we were proven right, as the showcase pieces - from motion, to web and digital advertising, also display an highly tuned and professional finishing that we've come to expect from only a few select firms. Lots of nice projects for the fashion industry, and some nice little surprises await inside.... More

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Idiot Copenhagen

Idiot Copenhagen.comAnyone who names themselves (or their portfolio) an "idiot", definitely gets our immediate attention and respect. Because this is a man who knows it's always better to beat the critics to the punch, and take the wind out of their sails. But we're not here to critique, but to praise the new portfolio of Danish illustrator and designer Kasper Ledet. Certainly, we'd be stupid not to recommend these great pop-art illustrations, sketches and designs influenced by anatomy, plants, everyday symbols and abstract systems.... More

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Idiot Copenhagen.com

Hello Monday

Hello MondayHellllo Monday! Welcome to a new week, and a new start with this pure creative agency with a strong line of professional digital and analogue work. Designing for some of the top clients in the industry, and based in New York, Copenhagen and Aarhus (first time we heard of that city too), Hello Monday is an awarded agency that focuses on web design, demos, print and identity design. We especially liked their featured work for Lego and Google... and overall, their portfolio from top to bottom is showcase of highly polished work.... More

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Hello Monday

Factor Design

Hearkening back to the height of the Industrial Age, the emergence of the wireless Internet world has spawned the new age of the Factory. Displaying its work in a scrolling format reminiscent of the assembly line, each project comes handcrafted with the finest factory-backed detail. With two perfectly engineered processes for branding and web development in place, this company should remain a Factor for a while.... More

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Factor Design


e-TypesWhen push comes to shove, go old school: forget the hype, and think craftsmanship. Wise words from 'old school' designers e-Types, the self-described experts of visual identity programmes. e-Types, known for its typography, have developed more than 200 different fonts for logos, typography, guidelines for visual designs, magazine and newspaper design, web design and packaging design. A bit mysterious, but very serious about their graphic design, this Danish firm takes branding to new heights of sophistication, by using old school philosophy of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Much to explore and learn from here.... More

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Anova | Jesper BentzenAnova, the online home of one-man multimedia machine Jesper Bentzen - unlike any other site we've recently viewed, grabs us with a single explosive introduction that showcases a gambit of technical and design abilities. Thus, the mood is set for viewing the portfolio of this young, modern 'renaissance' designer, whose work covers everything from post production to 3D modeling, identity design to web games, and photography to physical art installations. It's very impressive, especially considering the numerous bells and whistles this Flash expert has integrated into his portfolio interface and navigation... it certainly seems like there's nothing in the digital or design realm outside of Jespers' technical reach or artistic grasp. Jesper Bentzen is currently earning his Masters of Arts in Kolding, Denmark - at the time of this posting.... More

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Anova | Jesper Bentzen


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