Aug 16, 2022

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Original web design? Surely an oxymoron! Au contraire. Manuel Mouillard has achieved this, several times over. This fun portfolio offers unique samples showcasing an individual style, as well as a novel use of music. This is very high praise (and we mean it) in a world of cookie-cutter design. Mouillard’s illustrations feel like teenage comic book drawings, and what’s lacking in fine art is acheived by true art –- offering a clear message visually. Turn down the volume if you must, but play with the site and samples. They play back.... More

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Elixir Studio

This is the portfolio website of a French designer and art director Arnaud Mercier. Arnaud Mercier is one of the most talented French designers, in this reviewers opinion. This new version called Browser has folders full of of his professional and personal projects, including some of his his photography.... More

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Elixir Studio


Subakt. Loose translation: Very, very classy. Subakt caters to a distinctly highbrow culture. We gleaned this when we got their pitch in both English and French. The simple interface belies many colorful projects within, including several well-developed fashion campaigns, so keep looking around. C'est tres tres chic, n'est-ce pas?... More

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