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Creative Intelligence

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Creative Intelligence

It could never be sufficient in this small space to sum up the cornucopia of invitation design and print work done by Marc Friedland and his recent off-spring; the Creative Intelligence studio. He is literally the King of Invites—a one-of-a-kind, single-minded artist working in the field of invitations, who can boast over 2,000,000 invitations created over 20 years... And we're talking quality AND quantity here. In fact there's a 13 minute video depicting his design history that is actually pretty interesting. Yes, he's a happy fellow, because invitation are his business – and the site exudes that cheery, bright, glitzy, Hollywood feel, with just the right amount of restraint. If you are interested (at all) in print design, event branding and invitations then this is all old news to you... but if you haven't, well then... meet your invitation design royalty.

Clients: Wynn, Universal Studios, Cirque du Soleil


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 24, 2007


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