May 29, 2023

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Oh Loworks, how many ways can we count how cool you are? The ways are many... For Loworks is a design studio in Japan with its own unique style and approach to design. Centered in part around illustrated mascots of walking speakers and iPods, Loworks does print, animation, interactive art, web design and some pretty funky animated motion design. We loved their uniquely interactive website, and especially the little music area (which you'll have to find yourself). Kudos to a firm that makes their site fun to explore.

Clients: Lee Jeans, Spashawar TV


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Aug 6, 2006


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A select list of global web design firms and companies producing designs for screens outside of the U.S.A. From Japan to Sweden, the UK to Brazil and Australia to Poland... Around the world and back.



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