Jun 01, 2023

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You know you've stumbled onto something special when you sense a light breeze tickling your screen. Very sensuous, slightly feminine, and with a clearly Eastern influence, MAP (previously DesignUnion, est. 2002) is a relatively new boutique with impressive and sophisticated clients. Paul Lee is the man; he majored in Rhetoric at Berkeley (who knew that would prove so marketable?), with an MFA from Yale. A bonus: he is fluent in Korean. And more than fluent in spare and lovely design. Go see. You'll feel rinsed.

Clients: Volkswagon, Hugo Boss, Sony


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Independent web designers, freelancers, solo firms and boutiques predominantly working for screen and online who maintain individual sites, design blogs or personal portfolios. Restricted to individuals located in the United States (see 'International Portfolios' for global listings).



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