May 29, 2023

C'koi Ce Hold Up

Publicis Net has just released this funky animated website for SFR (part of Vodafone Group). Even if the site is in French, you should enjoy browsing through it, checking out the cool designer characters and flash animations. The site was created by Publicis Net in collaboration with Paris based creative studio Hellohikimori. And it looks like they had a lot of fun making it!... More

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C'koi Ce Hold Up


We certainly have mixed emotions about this beer promotion site... For a non-Slavic brewery to brashly market a beer to kids using under the guise of "New-Russian-Style" is an insulting swipe at underpriveleged Russian youth living in difficult times... All in one site, they manage to callously poke fun of the subjects of squalor, poverty, homelessless and punk culture, and then try to hide it all under the dangerous branding-theme of "cool" irreverence. It's an unfortunate marketing scheme, appealing to no one except perhaps the least compassionate alchoholic looking for a cheap beer, and the butt of the joke enforcing the stereotype of poor, alchohlic, Russian youth. The one saving grace of this site is the complicated Cockroach Race which has some novel gaming features. But besides that, the photos, branding and marketing slant of this site are questionable to us, and perhaps a result of marketing gone awry. Maybe... More

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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

"My Life" is a very interesting music site design with some great Flash elements, UI, navigation, and branding. Revisiting this album which originally came out in 1981, this is the first time complete and total access to original tracks with remix and sampling possibilities have been officially offered online. Lots of thought has been given to how a user will listen to music while surfing, with attention given to both the music play downloads and meta navigation. Excellent all around web site housed in a nice grid-based design.... More

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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

P'tit Nathan Baume

Welcome to the little world of P'tit Nathan-Baume, Winter collection 2006, and this darling little site for a kids line of clothing from Nathan-Baume. Using very few words at all, this minimal creation is a simple showcase of the fashion work using photos only. If you want more content besides little fairy dresses and earthy kids boots (which seem way too clunky for any normal kids), you'll want to surf over to "Mammy's Site" which is actually the site of Nathan Baume proper ( More

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ptit Nathan Baume

Not So Simpleton

notsosimpletonMyron Campbell is an artist and designer whose mixed media work is immersed in ideas surrounding consciousness and the subconscious, dream states and fairy tales. He uses painting, drawing, digital art, sound, collage and 2D animation to explore and create his bizarre visions. So now, enter his dreams and explore his thoughts in this fragile, patchwork site of his subconscious mind.... More

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RobotmaniaThis site will be of special interest to anyone fascinated by the dreamy age of space travel and technology, and of course to collectors and fans of 50s and 60s tin toys. The amount of creativity and artistic talent that went into crafting this collection of space-themed toys and robots is truly amazing—certainly these unique pieces define a bygone era not to be repeated again. And the Flash site by Alberto Cerriteno is a perfect blend of modern, yet rustic design... and even includes a retro game of Space Invaders.... More

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The Highline Preliminary Design

The Highline Preliminary DesignThe Highline is a 1.5-mile historic, defunct, elevated rail structure on Manhatttan's West Side. This robust website was created to showcase the design concepts for the public park conceived by Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, in conjunction with a show at the MoMA. Mimicking the floating above the street feel, the site flows horizontally, unfolding like a long, scrolling path, capturing the meandering, exploratory experience of the place. Much like the finished Highline, this site is worth exploring slowly, viewing all of its parts to enjoy the full experience.... More

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The Highline Preliminary Design

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett Advertising PortfolioBased on the founding principle of Leo Burnett, that big ideas come out of big pencils, you are invited to pick up a big pencil yourself and draw your way through this unique interactive advertising portfolio – filled with tasty animated treats. Since we have a place for ad firms in our designcompanies area, this is a special recognition for outstanding interactive web design in an agency or firm.... More

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Leo Burnett Advertising Portfolio



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