May 29, 2023

Firehouse735 Condominium

Like a good old-fashioned 'block' party (but minus the grill), this web site uses lots of squares of information in a colorful design, while using Flash to elegantly warp and transform the grid on each different page. With a limited amount of content, the site does a good job at balancing the building’s rich past (built in 1880) and the neighborhood’s soulful character with the sleek and modern residences inside. The design team used subdued, matte colors to showcase both the sunlit interior shots and the charming photos of Firehouse 735 as it once was in past times to appeal to an up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn, Prospect Heights. Quite nice.... More

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Firehouse735 Condominium

Hanso Foundation

Hanso FoundationFor those who are not familiar with the TV show, this site is the launching point for a massive interactive game based on the hit ABC series Lost. Hinted to in a commmercial during the show (Tivo users may have missed this), a live TV ad points you to the fictional Hanso corporation site which actually is the beginning of a cryptic crossover game that intertwines with the mysterious happenings on the TV show. Done in a sort of 'Donnie Darko' way [a classic design for scary films], the site seems harmless enough until you start to dig deeper, and reveal some disturbing elements that would not appear in a regular corporate site. Interestingly this game, being called 'The Lost Experience', will continue on for several weeks, with different clues being given in each country the show is aired... sometimes online, sometimes by phone, or through the show itself. So,... More

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Hanso Foundation



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