May 29, 2023

Kids Ro Foundation branding

Kids Ro Foundation brandingAs some people may know Rosie O'Donnell recently returned to TV (today) as a host of The View. You may not know that since being off TV, Rosie has put her energy into a bunch of charities for kids... Why is that interesting to web designers? Well, because behind the scenes FDTDesign has crunch released 3 sites with an all new Rosie branding, custom font and logos... and the following 3 URLs show this great branding design spread through 3 different sites. First: Rosie's Shop (, Second: For All Kids Foundation (, and finally, Third: Rosie's Broadway Kids ( We love the bright colors, big photo images and the scratchy style utilized through all 3 sites in a coordinated branding effort. Great results.... More

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Kids Ro Foundation branding


ByeByeBlackBirdByeByeBlackBird is a minimal movie promo site that for a movie directed by Robinson Savary, with James Thierree, Derek Jacobi, Michael Lonsdale, Jodhi May and Isabella Miko. The website presents all the characters, music and clips, and promotes the film with a very simple navigation (using Flash) based on the movie billboard poster. Nice interpretation of the poster and successful job turning it into a website. Unique.... More

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