Jun 01, 2023

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Electrolux.comAh, we can feel the effervescent cleaning power at work on our brains already... With this sky-blue background and gravity-defying water droplets, this single page gateway site for Electrolux – a Swedish appliance company – oozes with a fresh, sensual appeal. Unfortunately, the killer drawback to this page is that every single link takes you to another pop-up Electrolux site... Which wouldn't be so bad if the designs were more similar. It's a great gateway splash page, but ultimately this page is 99% functionally irrelevant. It's a testament to the difficulty (and failure) of unifying a multitude of branded global sites under one design. We can only hope, perhaps, that the design of this one page wonder will eventually be "filtered-down" to all the sub-country sites. In the meantime, enjoy the bubbles, but just don't click on anything!... More

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Mint Collection

Mint CollectionIn this crispy, modern grid-based design, Noise 13 Design has created the showcase site for Martin Building's newest project – Mint Collection. This set of four historic buildings in San Francisco has been meticulously designed and developed into 95 luxury residential, live/work and commercial spaces... and to reflect that, the site has a clean, minimal and luxurious "air" to match. Quite a nice presentation for an upcoming neighborhood in Union Square.... More

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Mint Collection

Rusta Media

Rusta MediaIn order to sell airtime on SABC channels leading up to the Cricket World Cup Show, media planners are shown the shocking media options they'll get stuck with if they don't book with the SABC. In this brilliant illustrated collage design of a non-existent Caribbean media company's website, media buyers explore the dodgiest media solutions ever, reinforcing the need to book with the national broadcaster before they run out of options. Touting everything from branded coconuts, bongs, to spray-painted goats and fishing boat billboards (locations cannot be confirmed)—the results of this hilarious campaign exceeded sales target by over 250% – with 40% more hits than targeted on launch day and an average of over 1400 hits per month (from a maximum pool of only 750 media planners). Outstanding, functional, funny and also a beautifully illustrated collage design. And don't forget to check the Terms & Conditions.... More

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Rusta Media


Universe - by Jonathan HarrisUniverse is an unique new interactive method to explore the news and stories of our planet. Universe was inspired by questions like: if we could draw new constellations in our night sky today, what would those be? What are our great stories? What are our great journeys? Who are our heroes and heroines? Universe presents an interactive night sky, composed of thousands of twinkling stars, which then connect to form constellations. Each of these constellations has a specific counterpart in the physical world—a story, a person, a quote, an image, a company, a nation, a mythic theme. Any constellation can be clicked, making it the center of the universe, and causing all other stars to enter its orbit. Universe is infinitely large, and each person's path through it will be different. For an explanation of how it works, read "Stages". For a longer discussion of the ideas behind the piece,... More

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Universe - by Jonathan Harris


Alternativ - furniture designA new Flash website in an austere style for Belgian furniture and partioning designer Alternativ. We liked how the site has a high attention to detail that is lacking in similar sites in this genre. And apparently, not only is the design very clean, minimal and beautiful, it is also functional and fully indexable by search engines. Ultimately, even though we felt the Flash transitions were on the slow side, the overall presentation makes the product photography appear artful – and distinctive.... More

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Alternativ - furniture design


Liveroom.TVHaving already survived its first year, Liveroom.TV is the new site of the first-of-its-kind free online music venue. Liveroom brings gigs and shows from the best new indie bands & artists right to your little computer screen (and in widescreen too!). They record all the bands at the Liveroom studio in North London, and then mix, edit and broadcast the (mostly) unsigned bands over the net. Cool music, in a cool online package—with nice little collages... power to the music!... More

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ValsparGet inspired in this one-of-kind site, where we finally see an appropriate use of the ability to use XML with CSS to rotate random color palettes... and for whom better than this large global paints and coatings firm? Mainly driven by large scenic photography, each page brings a different coordinated color scheme... But some photos allow you to interact and alter the colors in the photo itself by picking from pre-made palettes—which you can then add to a shopping list. Impressive, beautiful and relaxing exploration in a very clean design shell.... More

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alta bikes

alta bikesA great sales tool for alta fixed-gear bikes, with a very nice yarn. Hilarious photo illustrations in a very short, sweet, and funny presentation... and besides the bikes are just sharp. The 'Thread behind the bike is that it's a joint project beween graphic designers (Bleed), furniture designers (Norway Says), product designers (Frost Produkt) and advertisers (Shnel&Melnychuck). Perfect.... More

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alta bikes

MoMA | Comic Abstraction

MoMA | Comic AbstractionThis site contains works from MoMA's Comic Abstraction exhibition (curated by Roxana Marcoci) and includes artist interviews, audio, and supplementary texts in a nifty, contained little Flash piece. The exhibit itself brings together the works of thirteen contemporary artists whose works examines the ways artists in the last decade have used lowbrow popular culture as springboards for abstraction and to address today's perplexing questions.... More

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MoMA | Comic Abstraction

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