Mar 23, 2023

Lose Your Excuse

Lose Your Excuse"What's your excuse?" poses the - by now rhetorical - environmental question to the 8-12 "tween" market. It encourages them to save energy at home with a 10-step energy action plan, by way of flash modules and mini-games – which might only be briefly fun for anyone over 12 years old. However, the message of healing the planet, taught to our latest generation of conscious consumers, sponsored by a government agency, is priceless. This site initiates a journey for compassionate, educated kids to learn AND probably teach their parents about positive energy saving habits.... More

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Lose Your Excuse


KontainKontain yourself, alright? And welcome to your own blog and share site for novice to intermediate web users. At Kontain, you get lots of friendly tools, but need to know nothing about HTML to build your own web pages. And that's the point... Keep the sharing simple, stupid! Nice big buttons and colorful clean pages make this "web 2.0" design fun and friendly for all.... More

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