May 29, 2023

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Rexona | Action City

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Rexona | Action City

Although we've all seen 3D immersive sites before, some of the newest breed take it to an uncommonly high level of detail. Take for example the Rexona (also know as Degree deodorant in the U.S.) "Action City" site, which takes its cue from a very popular stunt man TV commercial produced in 2006. It has 3D graphics rivaling next-generation video games, but due to the medium, contains only 1% of the actual full-environmental funtionality—which truthfully, given the medium, is quite an accomplishment. That being said, don't miss the mini-game and the many little hidden clickables. Overall, an A+ for gratuitous graphics.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Feb 6, 2007


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