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Rockstar Games

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Rockstar Games

A super angular technical design look. This release, replacing an already heavily awarded previous site (done by Oyster Partners), brings the best of the latest - minimal and futuristic-angular design trends - together into one spectacular release. This new push is dedicated to developing the best digital entertainment destination, and this ripe design sends the message: they are doing the business!

Rockstar Games screenshot


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 1, 2001


I'm sorry, but this site is completely disfunctional. The text is the main problem; it can hardly be seen. Secondly, where's the colour? Rockstar games are known to be quite colourful, and the last site was simple, yet not too colourful... but this is just blindly white. And since when did this style become a "latest trend"? If it ever was, i'm sure the trend is a very shortly passing one.

I'm also a little dissapointed that it's not really very engrossing anymore. The old site had wee games that kept the visitor's attention. This new site however puts me off because it all seems very slow with fade-ins and outs and also that it takes a while to get used to reading what the text says, as well as some other things I can't put my finger on.

I will say one thing though; the moving of the links and pages are quite slick.

Posted by: Sebastian - 05/26/06

Well put! I take it all back. And you are just about as cranky and particular a design critic as we hope to be on our best days.

Will you come write some reviews for us?

Posted by: RFS [TypeKey Profile Page] - 06/16/06

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