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Herron School of Art

Herron School of ArtBeautiful tonality and finely detailed designs grace each section of this schools website. The color scheme and planning are excellent, as are the richly layered images. Herron features great print work adapted to the web. This is a beautiful site design that integrates navigation quite intelligently to create an exemplary site. The site has changed slightly over the years, but much of the fine orginal work is preserved.... More

Herron School of Art


entropy8zuperA beautiful range of design graces these pages. Each full page, once loaded, completely fills the space like an artists' canvas. Great animations combine with content and backgrounds to give this site a richness usually reserved for print or painting work. Not enough can be said for the work of Auria Harvey. Her work has graced Digitalthread three times to date. This was her personal & professional site, which featured many original ideas and designs that were often heralded by design mags and emerging web design review sites. This site has since merged with See links below.... More


disappearing inc.

disappearing inc.A font foundry that combines industrial print designs and web techniques into a platform that artfully displays their fonts. This site uses art instead of words to define what web design is all about. The site, although little changed since 1997, is still an excellent showcase of graphically rich print design merged with technical functionality. Some may find a few of the interface items a bit difficult to manipulate, but for the most part the site is equally rich in content and delivery, which is why the site may not be suitable for all browsers - their fonts are not suitable for all designers! Overall great stuff. This site gained the following awards: Publish Magazine's Best of the Web 1997 "*****" (5 Stars) Net Guide Magazine.... More


wordThe original content-rich zine with fascinating monthly articles and superb overall design. Dive into the articles to absorb a wealth of refreshing design and navigation ideas. Redesigned since this review. Word's framework was enhanced by excellent Gif animations and great miniture iconography. Word's strength lied in the variety of designers that tackled the wide span of articles. Overall, it's constantly updated cornucopia of ideas, issues + culture were a web design haven. Word has since undergone some dramatic design changes - none for the better - and parts and bits of the old site can now be found only within the depths of the archives.... More

Swoon Magazine

Swoon MagazineHome of 'dating, mating & relating', this CondeNet 'zine featured original design and HTML that made mom proud. Redesigned since this review. Unfortunately, Swoon is no longer designed by a particular magazine and web designer we knew, but the site still maintains enough design integrity and flavors for ample inspiration. Nice colors and iconography remain, while some of the line-enforced design and interface breakdown is still hidden in the underlying structure. This site has not gone to the dogs. see also: Sundance Film Festival 1998... More

double aught

double aughtFrom the designers of Marathon & Marathon Infinity, this website reflects the futuristic feel of the game's interface and provides a glimpse into the creators' minds. This site was fun for exploring, often featuring new and inspirational homepage designs on a regular basis. The designers also worked on the Marathon games series, popular in the mid-90's, and many of the cool screen designs were based upon Mararthon-style modularity and innovation. This site is no longer online at this posting.... More


QaswaQaswa was an early showcase of 3-dimensionality online. Great use of shading created one of the first sites with an illusion of depth. The navigation used the default vertical nature of the browser to its advantage, while the iconography complimented the smooth nature of the shading. Clean, and tightly organized, Qaswa was a truly innovative web design in the design spectrum of the time. The site has been redesigned since this posting and the Qaswa entity (now qaswa communications) is mainly focused on doing design work.... More



crashsite (via waybackmachine)Boredom and Apocalypse, home of hopeless sexuals. Besides some lengthy downloads, crashsite houses clean and original design work. The design sometimes overshadows the content which is bizarre, humourous and often twisted. No longer online since this posting. Designed by the Santa Monica Design Team - part of the BigGun Project. As far as we know, Crashsite disbanded long ago, as did the BigGun Project. Members moved on. Cities change. You may find a few of the ol' crew hanging at companies spread across the West Coast (see links).... More

crashsite (via waybackmachine)

Super Shibuya

Super ShibuyaMaintained by a designer in France, this site showcases the visual richnesss of Japanese design - illustrations, graphic design, photography, movie posters, and even some interesting eccentricities. Super probably qualifies as our first international gallery piece - originating in France - and it was one of the first personal sites that showcased a designers' ideas, works and interests in a well designed public presentation. This style of site is still the choice presentation for independent graphic designers to self-promote their print and web work. Usually, the designers use this style of site to hone existing skills, engage new projects and work, or to publicize some interest of personal importance. Super is still up, but hasn't changed since 1997.... More

Super Shibuya

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