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the truth

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the truth

the truth is a subversive anti-smoking campaign that raises anti-smoking awareness through staged marketing activities – which are then broadcast globally and spread infectiously. What you may not know about this campaign is that it is indirectly funded by big tobacco firms themselves, who settled huge tobacco suits in the late 90's and were forced to pay the 46 suing U.S. States – who set up the The American Legacy Foundation in 1999, which in turn funds 'truth'. Therefore the campaigns you see are the product of the industry's fangs biting its own tail—the same campaigns that use creative marketing installations to spread calamitous truths about the harms of smoking. It's a very interesting paradox... and very well-funded... which means it's very well designed. So spread it!

the truth  screenshot


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Feb 8, 2007


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