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In-Synch Challenge

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In-Synch Challenge

Owning a home or a small business can be a risky proposition. To help identity and avoid those risks, Fallon & B-Reel helped insurance company Travelers create "The In-Synch Challenge," an interactive experience - complete with fully 3D rendered environments and composited green screen footage of actual actors - that puts ones safety awareness IQ to the test. Sure, the insurance companies want to put a little fear into you, but the real fear should come from checking out this demo and asking yourself as a web design company... Damn, how the hell could one possibly compete with the depth of this production? Sure, it's a touch dry, but from a development standpoint, it has every possible feature one can cram into a website design - film, motion, 3-D, voice-overs, acting, plus interaction with a bit of game-play. And from a business view, it must be seen as a total success. Very impressive, in every aspect.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 23, 2006


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