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Philips Dynamic Lighting

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Philips Dynamic Lighting

Here's an interesting site (we missed) that launched back in 2005... Remote controlled, dynamic lighting—an advanced lighting solution that brings the rythmic fluctuations of daylight into the working environment. Dynamic Lighting is something you install into your home or office that alternates between blends of cool and warm light to create a stimulating (or soothing) ambience, based upon the time of day, or your own preferences. It's a really interesting technology, and this clean, sky-tones-on-white website has all the right demos and diagrams to communicate the concept with the utmost clarity.

Designed by: Jung and Pfeffer

Philips Dynamic Lighting screenshot


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Apr 3, 2007


I wonder how much it costs?

Posted by: Jamie Martin [TypeKey Profile Page] - 04/ 3/07

Perhaps a simplistic question with more than one answer... If I were a Phillips representative, I'd probably be talking more about how lighting solutions and dynamic systems reduce business costs. You have to understand Phillips has researched and developed a system of lighting that effects biological rhythms... this was certainly not cheap. And this system is integrated with their Lighting Controls systems which are actually meant to save money overtime—and potentially could produce over 1 Billion Euro's of energy savings in Europe alone. Let's just say it's not something you'd buy on a whim... integration costs alone are probably quite substantial.

Posted by: RFS [TypeKey Profile Page] - 04/ 4/07

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